Stewart Acuff

Stewart Acuff

Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Morning in Shepherdstown

Spending the morning and much of the day in Shepherdstown, mostly at the radio studio. Sat in on Janet Harrison and John. Case's poetry radio show. After breakfast at Betty's Diner I will be the guest on Fanny Crawfords Show about Story Telling.

Right now I'm feeling good, feeling like our resistance to the Creep is off to a very fast and very strong start.

The Women's March was incredibly heartening. The crowds were huge--4 million people--the largest demonstration in American history.

The march or marches were such a wonderful way for us and our nation to begin the Trump term.

The marches were full of some of the characteristics of movement--spontaneity and creativity. The signs and posters were so very creative and the genesis of it all was so spontaneous.

The American People reject the orange orangutan.

Democratic Senators have bested Trumps appointees over and over.

By himself John Lewis completely took any credibility that Trump might have had.

I'm told the intelligence agencies have very damning info against Trump.

Our Resustance will be hard. Trump is very serious, but we have the will and the numbers.

Si se puede!!!!

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