Stewart Acuff

Stewart Acuff

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Re: Resistance Radio, Wed Feb 22 at 10 am

Great to join you guys today! There's a barrage of stuff to talk about and look forward to continuing the convo.

Statement on student rights related to your radio station, John.

Our conference this year is on the subject of students rights and freedoms. Maybe you and/or folks from your U would like to come.

Suspicious phishing perhaps related to watchlists

AZ leg wanted to ban social justice in schools. It died but sweet God.

WI prob of whiteness class, prof attacked by leg (Michael Mann, leading climate scientist, a member of ours & on committee on Academic Freedom) I'll try to forward you an email we sent out from him recently. He helped work on the harassment statement. (This prof was severely harassed recently after Breitbart and co. whirled up a fury and even the university reprimanded him quickly (Xmas day) before stepping back)

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Subject: Resistance Radio, Wed Feb 22 at  10 am

Resistance Radio

Please join me and special guest Laura Markwardt for Resistance Radio tomorrow at 10 am est as we bring you up to date on Our Resistance and all the threats to our democracy including the fascistic assault on academic freedom. Please find our small but great, global radio station at

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