Stewart Acuff

Stewart Acuff

Thursday, February 16, 2017

What a Great Week of Resistance !

trumps ludicrous nominee for Labor Secretary, Putz Puzder, who for all appearances hates all labor, especially those who are forced to work him, was forced to withdraw from the confirmation process because about 20 percent of Senste Republicans were staunchly opposed to him.

trumps National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was fired by trump himself--maybe because he lied to the Vice President about his illegal calls to the Russian Ambassador or because Flynn got bad press or because he was treated unfairly or....pick a day, there was a different reason every day.

Today immigrants to America went on strike.

trump looked like a bungling fool next to urbane and smooth Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Clearly, our very successful efforts in the streets, on the phones and in Republican Congressional town hall meetings are having a great success.

Congressional Republicans are scared shitless to end Obamacare and equally scared not to end it.

The administration is lost and floundering.

But I must quickly note as my good friend John Case says we underestimated trump before, we can't afford to sell him short now.

We have a long, tough fight ahead of us--

But We Know We Can Win.

Very sorry we couldn't broadcast Resistance Radio on Wed. I was in DC caring for my daughter who had a terrible case of the flu.

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