Stewart Acuff

Stewart Acuff

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fwd: 2 am till sun up

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Date: March 28, 2017 at 3:45:46 PM EDT
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Subject: 2 am till sun up

The time from. 2 am till sun up was always hardest

As he pushed his truck thru the long night

Across the Wyoming and Dakota prairies from east headed west

Or over the Appalachians or Rockies with their great height

Pushing to get to where he'd load or offload a family's best.

At 3 am the truckstops are all the blurry same, the night

Scrambles the brain and dulls and blurs the eyes, guest

Of the deep void not empty but blank , sight

Can't penetrate all that sleeps best

At 70 mph dawn slides into life

Through the shades of gray and pink and purple

Finally day's light fills the windshield and floods the cab

Now he leaves the freedom of the freeway for his family for the day

And the ache of empty replaced by the will of muscles yet sore

From just the day before

Still she lingers where he feels things he doesn't see.
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